Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our Labor Day Weekend

Now that I have a full time job I think I'm going to appreciate weekends a whole lot more.  I knew the weekend was going to be a good one when I saw a rainbow on my way to work.

On Friday night Fisch and I had a rather cultural experience attending the State Champion Cow Chip Throw in Sauk City...yes cow chips are poop.  They literally throw poo. 

Afterwards, Fisch and I decided to spend the night trying local(ish) beers and watching a little Big Bang Theory.

On Saturday we met a few friends downtown for Taste of Madison.  What a wonderful concept...blocks and blocks of delicious food samples all for under $4! I for one was in heaven...though by the end my stomach was not.  We had everything from fried pickles to reuben roll ups to cheesecake. So yummy!

Sunday, our anniversary, was spent at a party for a friend who was in town from Atlanta, hiking Aztalan State Park, and going to see Larry Crowne at the budget theater.
 And Monday was spent lounging around the house, getting some much needed cleaning done and a little crafting.  Getting into the Autumn spirit I make a fall wreth for our front door.
I am enjoying this much needed break in the hot, humid weather.  Makes for a much more comfortable classroom.
Week 2 here we go!


  1. is that Taste of Madison once a year? I really want to go there! That sounds amazing!

  2. I think it is only once a year. You should definitely check it out next year!