Friday, September 23, 2011

Blog Award

I got my very first blog award!  It was the iDig Your Blog Award and I got it from my friend Miranda at Aimless Transition.

So the rules of receiving this award:

1. Thank the blogger who gave me this award

     Thanks Miranda for the award and for being my first follower!
2. Tell 3 random facts about yourself:

(1) In college I worked at the old time photo studio in Lake Geneva. I also worked as an ice cream scooper as my second job one summer.

(2) I was in a commercial for milk when I 3.
(3)  My favorite show since I was 6 has been The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

3.  Give the award to 5 others. Some of these are new to blogging and others have been at it for a while, but I still enjoy them.

Most of these blogs have been around for awhile but they're some of my faves.


  1. yay!!! i love the Mary Tyler Moore Show...I was the weird kid who watched Nick at Nite (like the Munsters, MTM, I Love Lucy, Bewitched, etc)

  2. Me too!! Wasn't it great when Nick at Nite actually showed old shows? Now they play Fresh Prince of Bel Aire and shows from when we were little... that just makes me feel old.