Sunday, September 4, 2011

5 Years as McFish

5 years ago today (or yesterday...we never have decided so we just celebrate both days) Fisch asked me to be his girlfriend.

(Taken at a party we were both at before we even started talking.  Fisch is the creeper in the background. "We had art history together" is what I wrote on his shirt that night.)
 We met through mutual friends in college.  We knew of eachother but never talked.  We even had a class together one semester.

Then one fateful Cinco de Mayo party at our friends house, the end of sophomore year, started it all.  We said hello while waiting for the bathroom and ended up talking the rest of the night.
The first night back on campus Junior year, after a summer of dating, Fisch asked if I wanted to change my "facebook relationship status". Yes, super corny. Yes, super cute.


And the rest is history.
Love you Fisch!

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