Friday, September 30, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Linked up with Lauren from The Little Things We Do!
1.   My current obsession is    plaid.  I want to wear it everyday in the Fall.

2.  Snail Mail from friends and family    makes me happy.

3.  My greatest strength is  my patience .

4.   Being too particular about where things go and are arranged (i.e. furniture, the remote control, etc.) and being bossy about it   is my greatest weakness.

5.  My life is   on the right path.  I feel like since I moved to Madison to be with Fisch and got a full time's all coming together.

6.  In high school I was    the weird quiet girl.  I had friends but ony they knew I actually talked .

7.  When I'm super tired   I carry on conversations while half asleep and I often don't realize what I am saying .


  1. Snail Mail is so exciting to get! no one does it anymore!

  2. I wish I had some of your patience! have a great weekend!