Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless(ish) Wednesday: A Few Favorite Photos From Summer

(Our Friend's, Megan and Jabar's Wedding)

 (The sequence of my cousin shoving her ice cream in my face)
(An attempted family portrait.)
(My friends, Carly and Jill, rockin out at Jill's wedding.)
(Kayaking the Apostle Islands caves in Northern WI.)
(Amnicon State Park, WI)
(Birthday Beach Trip...yes, that is a cupcake in my hand. Awesome.)
(Newspaper blurb about my Up-Cycle Fashion Summer School Class.  I miss those girls so much!)
(Gold Finch that came to our window everyday and drove Penny crazy.)
What a fun summer it has been!
First day of school tomorrow!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

One Year With The Penny Poofers

One year ago today Fisch and I adopted our kitty Penny from the WI Humane Society. 

10 Facts About Penny:

1. Her name was Shroom when we adopted her.  We knew we had to change it.  We gave her 2 choices, Ivy or Penny (after the character on The Big Bang Theory...yeah we're nerds like that).  She meowed when we said "Penny".

2. We laugh every time she tries to lick underneath her chin.  Fisch then imitates her licking underneath her chin and we laugh even harder.

3. She didn't shed for the first few months we had her...we bragged about it...karmas a b*tch.

4. She doesn't like special kitty treats but she gets very excited about her regular food. She also enjoys house flies.

5. Her favorite toy is a piece of cloth from a nightgown I shortened. She must like the material because whenever I leave my drawer open she find the nightgown and pulls it out. 

6. Her favorite spots in the house are the window sills, the corner of my closet, and half on the back of the couch and half on the table behind it.

7. She only hisses at things that roll... paint roller, rolling pin, roll of tape, etc. 
8. We tried to give her a haircut in the beginning of the summer.  Cats don't like getting haircuts. We call it her textured do. 

9. She doesn't scratch the catnip cat scratcher I bought her but perfers my yoga mat. 

10. She has made Fisch and me into those people...

Yeah. Those people.
Thanks Penny.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Linking up with Lauren from The Little Things We Do again for Fill in the Blank Friday :)

1.   One of life's most simple pleasures is   chocolate milk with a straw .

2.   Mean people    make me want to punch someone...(the mean people)

3.  I like   my cat    because,    she makes me laugh everyday .

4.    Shenanigan   is a funny word.

5.  If I had to choose one beauty product to use for the rest of eternity it would be   moisturizer. I hate dry skin.

6.  I'm happy that  I get to participate in one of my best friend's weddings this weekend and that I finally have a full time job doing what I love.

7.  I would never   jump into a tank full of centipedes (I just watched some old reruns of Fear Factor. Can you tell?)  .

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Celebration and a Sunset

On Tuesday after I found out I got the full time art teaching position, Fisch and I went out to dinner at our favorite little Thai place on State St. Then we took a walk along Lake Mendota and witnessed the most breathtaking sunset.  
An amazing end to an amazing day.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Devils Lake State Park and Camping

Every year we go camping with Fisch's family in some new location around WI.  This year it was at a campground near Devil's Lake State Park, which was great for us since it is only about 45 minutes from Madison.  One of the reasons I love WI so much is for it's varying landscapes, from flat farmland to mountainous hills to waterfalls.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Search is Over!

When it rains it pours!
(The rain is a positive thing in this use of the cliche)

My day yesterday:
10:00 - Interview for a full time elementary art teaching position
10:35 - Called Mom crying because I didn't think it went very well.
1:30 - Interview for an after school program leader
(Offered the position on the spot and was told to think about if I might want the higher position of Program Assistant Director.)
2:45(While driving home from 2nd interview) - Principal from 1st interview called me and offers me the full time art teacher position. (Apparently it went better than I originally thought!)
2:50 - Called Mom crying again...this time because I was so happy.

It was such a crazy, wonderful day yesterday. It seems kind of ironic to me that after playing the applying, interview, rejection waiting game for so long that I would interview and get hired for a great position all in the same day.

I am very excited but overwhelmed. 
School starts a week from Thursday!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Doing my first "Fill in the Blank Friday", linked up with Lauren from The Little Things We Do.
1.   My idea of pure perfection would be     living on the lake, boating, swimming, and reading to the sound of the waves all summer long.

2.    Teachers    makes the world go 'round. (Ok, I'm bias...but think about it.)

3.  If it weren't for   nutella    I'd    probably be about 5 lbs. lighter but a lot less happy :)  .

4.  Bloggers are  inspiring, creative, fashionable...atleast the ones I follow are .

5.  If I had    a full time job    I'd buy you    dinner .

6.  I'm glad it's Friday because     Fisch and I are going camping with his family up North this weekend which is always a good time .

7.  Something I'm excited about is     the interview I have on Monday for an art teaching position... there is still hope :) .

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Golfing...Mini Style

Last Friday night, Fisch and I went mini-golfing at Vitense Golfland with our friends, Josh and Aimee. BEST mini-golf courses ever!  Think Happy Gilmore style.  We are definitely going back sometime and not just because we won a free game on the last hole.

Monday, August 15, 2011

First 2 weeks

We finally have internet!
Here is a little overview of our first 2 weeks in Madison...

The weekend we moved I went to one of my best friends, Jenny's, bachelorette party in the WI Dells.  Needless to say we had a blast!

On Wednesday I witnessed my first ever bris and got to meet my cousin's baby Wilson. Wilson is sort of a big deal being the first baby in my family in 15 years and all.
Wilson's mama, Elana, is sort of a big deal too for going into labor with him while she took the Bar exam.  We got to read all about it in the Chicago Tribune as well as hear all about it on the Today Show on Saturday morning.
If you would like to read all about it here is the link :)

Friday night, Fisch and I took a little trip to State St. for some gelato and people watching.

Tuesday night, my family came over for dinner and a little Just Dance 2.  It got a little intense...the dancing that is.

My cousin, Maren, stayed for a couple days and we had fun exploring downtown and Lake Mendota.  I love the fact that Madison is literally surrounded by lakes. 

Thursday, Maren and I drove down to Monroe, WI to have lunch with our cousin, Donna. I got a kick out of all the animals they had displayed around the town square. Find the goat!

Last weekend, Fisch and I took a mini trip to my parents house near Lake Geneva.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be a really mini trip when Charter informed us they were setting up our internet on Sunday night not Monday like we originally thought.  Since we missd going boating on Geneva Lake we decided to take the S.S. McFisch for a spin on Lake Wingra and do a little fishing.

Here's to week 3 being just as good as the first two!