Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Search is Over!

When it rains it pours!
(The rain is a positive thing in this use of the cliche)

My day yesterday:
10:00 - Interview for a full time elementary art teaching position
10:35 - Called Mom crying because I didn't think it went very well.
1:30 - Interview for an after school program leader
(Offered the position on the spot and was told to think about if I might want the higher position of Program Assistant Director.)
2:45(While driving home from 2nd interview) - Principal from 1st interview called me and offers me the full time art teacher position. (Apparently it went better than I originally thought!)
2:50 - Called Mom crying again...this time because I was so happy.

It was such a crazy, wonderful day yesterday. It seems kind of ironic to me that after playing the applying, interview, rejection waiting game for so long that I would interview and get hired for a great position all in the same day.

I am very excited but overwhelmed. 
School starts a week from Thursday!

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