Monday, August 15, 2011

First 2 weeks

We finally have internet!
Here is a little overview of our first 2 weeks in Madison...

The weekend we moved I went to one of my best friends, Jenny's, bachelorette party in the WI Dells.  Needless to say we had a blast!

On Wednesday I witnessed my first ever bris and got to meet my cousin's baby Wilson. Wilson is sort of a big deal being the first baby in my family in 15 years and all.
Wilson's mama, Elana, is sort of a big deal too for going into labor with him while she took the Bar exam.  We got to read all about it in the Chicago Tribune as well as hear all about it on the Today Show on Saturday morning.
If you would like to read all about it here is the link :)

Friday night, Fisch and I took a little trip to State St. for some gelato and people watching.

Tuesday night, my family came over for dinner and a little Just Dance 2.  It got a little intense...the dancing that is.

My cousin, Maren, stayed for a couple days and we had fun exploring downtown and Lake Mendota.  I love the fact that Madison is literally surrounded by lakes. 

Thursday, Maren and I drove down to Monroe, WI to have lunch with our cousin, Donna. I got a kick out of all the animals they had displayed around the town square. Find the goat!

Last weekend, Fisch and I took a mini trip to my parents house near Lake Geneva.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be a really mini trip when Charter informed us they were setting up our internet on Sunday night not Monday like we originally thought.  Since we missd going boating on Geneva Lake we decided to take the S.S. McFisch for a spin on Lake Wingra and do a little fishing.

Here's to week 3 being just as good as the first two!

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