Sunday, August 28, 2011

One Year With The Penny Poofers

One year ago today Fisch and I adopted our kitty Penny from the WI Humane Society. 

10 Facts About Penny:

1. Her name was Shroom when we adopted her.  We knew we had to change it.  We gave her 2 choices, Ivy or Penny (after the character on The Big Bang Theory...yeah we're nerds like that).  She meowed when we said "Penny".

2. We laugh every time she tries to lick underneath her chin.  Fisch then imitates her licking underneath her chin and we laugh even harder.

3. She didn't shed for the first few months we had her...we bragged about it...karmas a b*tch.

4. She doesn't like special kitty treats but she gets very excited about her regular food. She also enjoys house flies.

5. Her favorite toy is a piece of cloth from a nightgown I shortened. She must like the material because whenever I leave my drawer open she find the nightgown and pulls it out. 

6. Her favorite spots in the house are the window sills, the corner of my closet, and half on the back of the couch and half on the table behind it.

7. She only hisses at things that roll... paint roller, rolling pin, roll of tape, etc. 
8. We tried to give her a haircut in the beginning of the summer.  Cats don't like getting haircuts. We call it her textured do. 

9. She doesn't scratch the catnip cat scratcher I bought her but perfers my yoga mat. 

10. She has made Fisch and me into those people...

Yeah. Those people.
Thanks Penny.

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  1. haha that is a hilarious christmas card...we weren't those people either until we got our dogs and then when we had our son, it got even worse! cute kitty!