Wednesday, November 2, 2011


     Sorry for the silence the last couple days.  It is nearing the end of the first quarter at school and report cards are taking over my life. At the last school I taught at we gave each student 3 grades for art. At my new school we give 20.  It's nice we are so thorough, but I have 306 students. This means I have to give 6,120 grades per quarter (plus comments)...24,480 per year! And this is just for report cards.  It doesn't include grading each project for each kid during the quarter.  I absolutely love my job but right now it is making me feel very overwhelmed.  
     One light at the end of the tunnel...Fisch said he'd take me out for a nice dinner when I finish all my report cards :)


  1. hope the next few days are a bit calmer for ya! enjoy that dinner :)

  2. You definitely deserve a nice dinner! phew! You go girl:-) xoxo

  3. Thanks! Actually finished them ahead of schedule...12 hours early to be exact. Now looking forward to a relaxing weekend!