Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Love Names

I love names.  I love hearing new names.  Looking up meanings of names. Looking at name lists...you get the point.  One of the great, though sometimes difficult, things about being a teacher is all the names you are exposed to.  It seems like the names are getting more and more unique every year. And no I don't count spelling a kids name in some weird way being unique. It's just causing you child to have to spell their name everytime they say it for the rest of their life and all their teachers to have to look it up everytime they write it. Please can we just agree on the universal spellings of Brayden (Braeden, Bradyn, Braden), Charlie (Charley, Charlea) and Peyton (Payton, Payten)???

This year, having a lot of students of Mexican decent, I have also been exposed to a lot of hispanic names.  Having 300+ students, I thought it would be fun to see if I could find the most unique names for every letter of the alphabet (some are not that unique but I didn't have any other names for the letter)...because I am a nerd and I love lists and names :)...I have also taken it upon myself to color code the names since some are a little ambiguous.
(Black=Boy Red=Girl)

A- Atana, Ainsley, Adeliah, Alorriana
B- Bjorn, Bo, Brooks
C- Charlea, Colby
D- Deakin, Darlene, Detsy
E- Eleri, Ellis
F- Fabian
G- Garrison, Grady
H- Hugo, Hogan, Hudson
I- Ithzanamy
J- Jazlyn
K- Katia, Keagen
L- Luz
M- Mykolas, Mystie, Meadow, Marlee, Marlen
N- Noah
O- Olivia
P- Piper
Q- Quinlyn
R- Regan, Rayna
S- Sylus, Signe, Shaye, Skye
T- Trevyn, Tierney, Tyrus
V- Vanina
W- Wilson, Wyatt
Y- Yahaira, Yolitzi
Z- Zayden, Zondra


  1. I also love Quinlyn and I love the name Hudson for a boy