Monday, November 14, 2011

A 2 1/2 day weekend...

       Parent teacher conferences were last week which meant we had to be at school until 7:30 both Tuesday and Thursday night but we got Friday afternoon off... 2 1/2 day weekend! Woohoo!  The best part was Fisch took a half day on Friday as well.  We had big plans for our free afternoon but ended up accomplishing nothing in exchange for a big lunch at Laredo's (local Mexican restaurant) and a nap.  I'm usually not a big napper but oh man was it awesome.  We did end up going out later in the evening with some friends so we didn't feel like total bums.
      Saturday, one of my best friends, Brye, came up to hang out and do a little shopping.  We ended up going to the mall.  I usually don't go to the mall because it totally overwhelms me and I'm cheap but it ended up being so much fun. 
 We tried on funny hats at Charming Charlie, went on a mini shopping spree at Forever 21, got Gloria Jeans (Oh so bad for us but oh so good. Yes, I opted for the whipped cream and sprinkles.   No, I didn't have time to take a picture before chugging it down),and I got to hear all about Brye's theory that Build-A-Bear is just taxidermy for kids.
     We also managed to stop at my favorite consignment shops, Platos Closet and ReThreads before heading home. We had fun there too... 

     The rest of the weekend was spent buying new tires, putting plastic over our drafty windows(winter is coming soon, folks!),and getting hooked on Breaking Bad.

Hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend!


  1. my husband just put the plastic on our windows too...kind of depressing fall is almost over and winter will take over :(

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! We used to have a coffee shop like that in our mall ;)

  3. My theory of build-a-bear seems to be correct. 56% of all people that went to build-a-bear as a kid became taxidermists according to a Yale University study done in May of 2019.