Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Weekend: Costumes are only funny when people know who you are.

Apparently there are not that many Big Bang Theory watchers out there. Only a couple people knew who we were.  This had to be my easiest costume ever.  Almost everything is from my own closet (usually not worn together) except the purse which I barrowed from Fisch's mom. Fisch's costume is a mix of thifted treasures (those rockin' plaid pants) and ebay finds (that Flash T-shirt...the exact one that Sheldon wears occasionally).
 For those of you who are still wondering, we are Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler from the show The Big Bang Theory. They make me laugh out loud every episode :)


  1. i have never seen the show (and not to say your costumes aren't original) but i saw another blogger who went as the same thing! I also went to a costume party where people didn't really know who i was...I was Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec...have you seen it?

  2. YES! I love Sheldon & Amy Farrah Fowler. Sar, over at life of love and her boyfriend were Shelly & Amy too!!

    Just love it!

  3. You look GREAT! I was wearing flannel under my sweater but it got way too hot (CenTX still thinks it's half summer) so I took it off and somehow didn't get a photo with it on. Regardless, I love it and it's AMAZING. Well played.

    I think we need geekier friends. ;)

  4. Epic costumes ever!!! :D

    Love big bang theory

  5. Thanks all! Even though only a few people knew who we were, Fisch and I had fun and that's all that matters :) Though since my costume was just a little too easy this year, I vowed that next year I'd go all out.