Monday, January 30, 2012

Mini Milwaukee Vacation

Last weekend Fisch and I journeyed to Milwaukee on what ended up being a wonderful mini vacay.

We both went to college in Milwaukee and have a lot of friends still in the area.  It was so much fun to see them and pretty much just play the whole weekend by ear seeing as many people we could.

Friday night we went to an Admirals hockey game/ Dierks Bentley concert with our friends Josh and Aimee.

Saturday morning we went out to brunch at the Honey Pie Cafe in Bay View. Delicious food, decadent pie, and bloody marys that come with their own lil meal!

We met up with our friends Jenny and Steve in the afternoon and browsed the mall for a bit. 

Saturday evening Fisch and I headed to the East Side, our old stompin' ground, to hang out with a couple of Fisch's old roommates.  Things I is WAY too loud at the bars we used to go to, if there is a bowl of popcorn next to me I WILL eat the whole thing, I am pretty awesome at darts, and McChicken sandwiches at 1 am make me sick.

Sunday we headed up to Port Washington to visit Fisch's family and have lunch with some friends and their babies up there.

I had a serious case of the Mondays today and I think it's because I just didn't want the weekend to be over.

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