Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to Fisch!

Love this boy <3
26 Things I Love About Jesse on His 26th Birthday…

1. With a drop of a quote he can keep me giggling.

2. He builds me fires in our fireplace to keep me warm and cozy.

3. He fixes my car to keep it running so I can run it into the ground.

4. The way he shakes his tush.

5. His laugh.

6. He cares about his friends and family.

7. The little songs he makes up about…everything.

8. Trying new things doesn’t scare him (Eat that mystery tentacle thingy at Chinese Buffet? Sure!).

9. He took me kayaking at the Apostle Islands for my birthday.

10. He watches New Girl with me and likes it just as much…maybe even a little more.

11. The fact that for our last movie night he chose to watch “Tangled”.

12. I moved to Madison to be with him and it was the best move I have made.

13. The way he makes Penny fly around the house.

14.    He liked the movie “The Help”.

15. The fact that I think he will make a great husband and dad someday.

16. The way he lays his head on my chest so I can scratch it.

17.    His family.

18. His impression of Ellie from “Up” (“Adventure is out there!”).

19. He makes me workout harder when we go to the gym together.

20. He’s always up for a blue raspberry Icee at the movie theater.

21.    He encouraged me not to give up when I was scared I wouldn’t find a teaching job in Madison.

22. He wants to live in the country with me in the future.

23. He made an effort to see me every weekend when we lived apart.

24.    He takes Flintstone gummy vitamins…ok, I do, too.

25.    His abs. ‘Nough said.

26.    The fact that he’s been mine for the last 5 ½ years☺

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  1. haha love that he chose 'tangled'! what a cute list! hope he has a great birthday! :)