Monday, January 16, 2012

Fisch's Day

We didn't do a whole lot for Fisch's birthday weekend.  Though we did get to try a lot of new resturants.  We finally decided to try Jamerica, a Jamacian place on Willy St., on a recommendation from my aunt and uncle.  It is a cute little eclectic place with a tiny menu and fantastic food.  They also had key lime soda which is my favorite.  As a late night "snack" we tried burritos from La Bamaba's.  Pretty good for an "open until 3 am" place.  On Sunday we got together with some friends to watch the Packer game.  We went to a little bar in Jefferson that had the best steak sandwiches...and that, and of course the company was the best part of that night. Packers lost. I'm over it. Fisch is still grieving.

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  1. haha i am still grieving as well. sometimes it is hard to get over it :) i love random resteraunts that have good food