Wednesday, September 26, 2012

W(ish)W: Pottery Class


This summer, Fisch and I took a pottery class every Wednesday night.  Somehow I made it all the way through art school without ever having thrown a pot on a wheel.  It has been a goal of mine to learn how.  I have to say... didn't work out so well in the beginning.  Fisch and I both left the first class frustrated.  I have done a whole lot of hand building in my day and thought throwing on a wheel would come naturally.  Not so you can see from my first mug.  I thought it was a good lesson, though, in how my students might feel in my class when they don't understand something right away.
Luckily, Fisch and I stuck with it and after a little a lot of practice we ended up with some relatively successful pieces.

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  1. i love pottery! i took three semesters in high school and still have all the things i made! i use one pot i got first place for in an art show to hold my make-up!