Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My 22nd First Day of School

     Today marked my 22nd first day of school (K-12, college, and 4 years of teaching if anybody was wondering how I got that number).  The routine is still pretty much the same... 
     Last night I picked out my first day of school outfit, packed my lunch, and tried to go to bed early even though it took me forever to fall asleep because even after all these years I still get nervous about the first day.  This morning I popped out of bed the first time my alarm went off, pretty much the only time this ever happens, got ready, ate a good breakfast and made Fisch take a picture of me infront of the fireplace.
     The picture is something that has been a tradition since my first day of kindergarten.  Every first day of school my mom made me pose in front of the fireplace and smile for the camera.  K-3 I hated standing still for that long, 4-8 I usually rolled my eyes, 9-12 I practiced my modeling poses, in college I thought the tradtion was done but realized I loved looking back on all these pictures, seeing the changes, seeing the progression. I realized I had many more first days ahead of me and brought back the tradition when I started student teaching. 

First day of student teaching 2007
First day of my 4th year of teaching 2012

Unfortunately, all my fun  awkward pictures are at my parents house, so my nice awkward picture from my first day of student teaching will have to do along with the one I took this morning.

Happy new school year to all my fellow teachers and students out there!