Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sonic Date Night

Spring has sprung here in WI...about a month early!  To celebrate the warmer freakishly summer like weather Jesse and I went on a Sonic Drive-In Date a la Groupon.  I absolutely love Groupon for trying new places.  For $10 we got 2 combo meals (sandwich, fries or tater tots, and a drink), an appetizer (we choose mozzarella sticks that were amazing), and a banana split (that I ate all by myself because Fisch doesn't like ice cream).  So much food and so much fun getting the food from servers on roller skates! Definitely not on my cruise diet plan (P.S. I am going on a cruise with a couple friends in 3 days!!) but oh well :)


  1. ooohh have fun on your cruise! i'm jealous! i love sonic but the one in our town just shut down :(

    1. We were excited about Sonic because in Milwaukee we always saw commercials for it but we didn't have one! Pretty yummy :)