Monday, March 12, 2012

Somethin' Fishy

5th Grade Recycled Bottle Fish
3rd Grade Mermaids and Men
4th Grade Scratch Art Fish Skeletons
5k Fish Prints

2nd Grade Matisse inspired Fish Bowls

Private School Collaboration
4th Grade Self Portrait with a Fish
1st Grade Glue Batik Fish
Last week the district Youth Art Month opened in conjunction with the adult Somethin' Fishy Show.  To keep with the theme all the student artwork was "fishy" as well.  Every child in the district, from 5k-8th grade had a piece of art in the show.  Getting it all put together was stressful and involved many unpaid hours of organizing, labeling, and hanging artwork but it was all worth it to see the excitement and joy the kids got from showing off their artwork and witnessing the appreciation and amazement of the parents of what their child created.

I love my job :)

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