Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wedding Planning

So just to warn you all there is going to be a lot more wedding stuff on this blog from now on.  
Fisch and I have finally gotten this wedding planning thing know, after 6 months of being engaged. 

My good friend Linda was in town for Thanksgiving and I was finally able to ask her, in person, to be a part of my wedding.  Since she is a follower of this blog (Hi Linda!) I wasn't able to share how I "popped the question" to all my lovely ladies...something I actually did in July at our engagement party.

Besides being pretty "stationary" for my "proposal", the paint strip also shows the color palette for my girls dresses.  They can choose their own dress, as long as it is one of those colors.

I think everyone enjoyed their ring pop as well ;)


  1. that is so awesome! i love the idea and i can't wait to see more wedding planning posts :)

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