Thursday, July 19, 2012

4th Annual Birthday Camping Trip

          Last weekend Fisch and I went on my annual birthday camping trip with a few friends.  This year we went to Sweet Minihaha campground and tubed down the sugar river.  

    Like always it was a pretty crazy time...but it was mostly mother nature that was crazy.  Our first night there it rained, not surprising since it always does the first night on this camping trip but crazy because we hadn't had rain in a month and a half.  We think it may have been because of the rain that a big branch fell on one of our tents almost squishing one of our friends.  Talk about scary!  Shortly after, the raccoons came.  They preferred the spicy hot Cheezits and we were glad everything else was in the car.  The fun didn't stop once morning came when we woke up to a herd of cows on our campsite!  Apparently they walked across the river and couldn't find their way back.  

    The rest of the weekend was filled with summer shandy, squirt gun fights, and a 5 hour tube ride down the river (still kicking myself for forgetting my water camera).  It is a tradition I look forward to every year and hope it continues for many birthdays to come.

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