Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day Involved....
  • Heart Shaped "Eggs in a Basket" Breakfast in bed for Fisch.
  • A surprise bouquet of flowers in my car when I left for work.
  • Tons of Valentines from my kiddos (remember how exciting V-day was when you were a kid?)
  • And a picnic dinner of steak and wine in front of the fire while watching New Girl and "The Notebook"(Fisch's suggestion, not mine :) 
Overall I would say a pretty great Valentine's Day!
P.S. I would have taken a picture of my present to Fisch, framed maps of where we have lived, but Penny already managed to spill wine all over it and now I have to re-mat one of them. Naughty Kitty.


  1. My husband loves "The Notebook" doesn't want me to tell anyone :) and those eggs looks so cute! i have seen that around the internet...but don't think i could ever pull it off!