Sunday, August 4, 2013

7 Month Recap in 7 Days: July...

My Grandma died on July 1st.  It wasn't a great shock.  She turned 90 last Oct. and had actually been admitted to hospice once before in January.  Being the feisty woman she was, she actually recovered and was kicked out of hospice.  Unfortunatley, she became sick again in June and after that went down hill quickly. 

I was very close to Grandma.  She is the reason I will always prefer my brownies with nuts, I have a love of old TV shows, I will try to take my vitamins everyday, and I will know how to be a strong, fiesty woman as I grow older. Whenever I smell the scents of lilacs and lipstick I will think of her and smile. I love her very much and will cherish all the memories I have of her. I know she is in a better place now and will always think of her as my guardian angel.
Because of my Grandma's death, the first week in July was spent with family, cherishing every moment, celebrating my Grandma's life and being together for fourth of July.  I think my grandma would have been happy knowing that she brought us all together.

1. Walking to the boat. 2. Boat ride on July 3rd. 3.Grey skies 4. Fisch helping Wilson drive. 5. Hiding from the rain. 6. Waiting for fireworks. 7. Sparklers.

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