Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Das Boot

Friday night, Fisch and I went with some friends to the Essen Haus, a German bar close to downtown.  The main attraction of the Essen Haus is the nightly, live polka music and "Das Boot".  The boot is actually a drinking game in which the big boot of beer is passed around the table from person to person.  The boot cannot be set down and the person next to the person who finishes the boot is responsible for ordering the next one.  A full set of rules can actually be downloaded from their website.

It was a night of friends, laughing, good beer, and yes, even a little polka dancing :)
A perfect start to Memorial Day weekend!

P.S. Don't worry there were DD's and taxi rides after said boot game was over.


  1. I soooo want to go to the Essen Haus! Last time we tried to go it was closed! Some day!!!

    1. Let me know when you do... groups are always best at the Essen Haus ;)