Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2 weeks and Counting...

     The count down has begun...we will both be living in Madison in 2 weeks! Fisch moved there 6 months ago for a new job and now it is my turn to make the move from Smalltown, USA to Madtown, WI.
     The loose ends are beginning to be tied up in nice little bows.  Last week we got word we were approved for the apartment we applied for (A place to live...√ ). I am very excited about it, especially after some of the other ones we saw while searching...like ones we didn't even want to walk into because they were so dark and dirty.  This place feels like a much more grown-up apartment from the ones we have been living in, complete with a dishwasher (never had one of those!), in-unit washer and dryer, wood floors, and a fireplace (the thing I am most excited about).  We have slowly started packing stuff up and moving it down to store in Fisch's garage, in hopes that if we move stuff gradually we can avoid renting a truck...wishful thinking, I know. 
     Next loose end to be tied up is finding me a job.  Being an art teacher, the jobs are already slim pickins' and add in the high demand of Madison and the surrounding towns and the fact that I have no connections to the area...needless to say it had been tough.  But I am staying positive and just waiting for that perfect opportunity to come along.

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